I flipped a decade on Saturday which is actually a really exciting thing.  It brings me to my checklist:

Things I Did In My 20’s:

Went to Spain.

Learned the exact time my microwave takes to cook a Hot Pocket.  (To the second)

Slept with a woman.

Read The Odyssey.

Read a full issue of The New Yorker.

A bartender.

Drove across Texas.

Drove across the country.

Skinny dipped in the Atlantic.

Drank a Stella or two. (42,381)

Fell in love with a man from Uruguay. (A bartender)

Lived in my mom’s basement.

Lived in Ireland. (once)

Snorted Cocaine. (twice)

Went vegetarian – Went back.

Voted for the first black president.

Faked an orgasm. (81)

Ate an entire Papa John’s Large Sausage Pizza in one sitting.

Kept a Beta Fish alive for 4 years. (After a very public suicide attempt)

Learned the exact time it took to fake an orgasm.  (To the second)

Things I Did Not Do In My 20’s

Jon Stewart.