I’ve received some concern, mostly and solely from myself, upon realizing that so many of my entries happened to be about my sad love life.  But I would like to say, once and for all…that there are people who have loved me…and even wanted to date me more than once.  I have had sex with over 20 people.  Yes, 20 people!! And I’m pretty sure, 5 more than that might have wanted to.  And then there were all those steamy encounters in high school.  Where I saw those two guys half naked.  Use your imagination.  Ohh yeah!!! You’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down!!!

It was mostly the upper half of course, or always the upper half.  But, at 17, for me to see a nipple outside of the city pool was a big deal.  So who are you to judge?  Oh, are you one of those cool chicks who had sex in high school?  Well, you know what?  You’re trampy.  You’re a trampy little girl.