My insurance premiums are raising…which makes me think…

The word premium is an interesting one.  Creme de la Creme.  Top of the pile.  The unbelievable percentage you pay per month to countless shareholders to get birth control at a reasonable rate.

I know most of you don’t know what I’m talking about because you don’t work for yourselves.  You work for companies that have partnerships with long-standing, Wall-Street-entangled, health-care-providing agencies.  They take $70 or $80 bucks a month out of your check or maybe less.  You are not me.  I am a freelancer.  I am the American equivelant of the American ideal of free thinkers.  I refuse to be put in a box in the land that encourages you never to be put in a box.

(Unless that box is in high-stakes financial contracts with institutional banks that warp the general appreciation of the American Constitution and the right to an accessible “Pursuit of Happiness” into an agenda aimed at inducing a nation-wide fear of every-man cancer and then cashing in on unneccessary preventative health care in order to finance more political lobbyists to ensure that the American public equate any sort of democratically voted public health care option with fundamentals that stand against every hard-won right for equal opportunity that our troops are overseas for.)

So…lucky you.  As for me…my premiums through my freelancers insurance have just raised by $50/month.  Making it impossible to continue my coverage.  And this is a union-bonded coverage.

So, very shortly, I will be uninsured.  Which is fine.  I am young and healthy and look both ways before I cross the street.

And maybe this is the face of capitalism, the best win.  If I were a better babysitter or a better writer, I could afford my own god-damned, fucking health insurance.  But it’s just hard, for me, to dilute the American Constitution (which clearly states equal rights to equal citizens), into an America where only acceptable Americans earn the right to marry or the right to see a doctor upon sickness.  Maybe I’m not the best or highest-earning babysitter.  Maybe I’m not even that good of a writer.  But I am a tax paying individual and regardless of intention or capability, I believe in my country and love my country and deserve the exact same OBGYN exams that the higher ups at Goldman Sachs deserve.

And I refuse to believe that our founding fathers would choose to take care of smart people who maliciously took advantage of the underprivileged before they took care of me…a babysitter.

That’s the whole thing about our country.  There are no “Premium” citizens.  There are just citizens.  And institution, race, employment, sexual orientation, or individual associations cannot place the one over the other.  I don’t see anyone throwing tea parties over the fact that the U.S Postal service allows employed and unemployed citizens to communicate with one another.

So please people, let me see a fucking doctor.